U.S. Department of Energy - Los Alamos National Laboratory

U.S. Department of Energy - Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Los Alamos National Laboratory is widely recognized as a backbone to our nation’s research, science and national security. CNSI is the telecommunications-managed services provider at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and has successfully performed the contracted services since 2008. The services delivered by CNSI are for full telecommunications operations and maintenance for approximately 14,000 LANL workers, spanning over 43 square miles of highly dense and rugged terrain.
Included in the services and maintenance are: 

  • Operate a Class 5 central office with three satellite nodes, approximately 20K lines
  • Provide support for all transmission systems of carrier, fiber and copper
  • Perform outside and inside plant for light construction and all repairs
  • Perform telephone work of MAC on CPE to the desktop
  • Utilize telephone management system for Telecom activity records
  • Perform engineering, design and drafting of OSP and ISP installations
  • Provide key support in areas of VoIP migration, servers and Tier 1

CNSI’s efforts support positioning LANL as one of the most secure and efficient facilities in the world.