The Millennial Impact on Health Tech

March 9, 2015

Categories: Thought Leadership


Millenial with Doctor

We’ve all heard a lot of things about millennials in recent years – from characterizations of them as entitled, to reports of their unique ability to innovate. No matter your opinion of the millennial generation, one thing is certain: they are the future, and the market will adapt to their demands.

So, what are their demands exactly, when it comes to health care? A new study shows a majority of the millennial age group have a strong preference toward interacting with doctors and providers via technology. The study found that 60 percent of respondents support the use of telehealth options and 71 percent want their doctor to use a mobile app. The Yelp-effect is also evident – 76 percent want to be able to read online reviews about doctors and facilities from other patients. 

“Technology wields huge potential for improving healthcare,” the report reads. “Both healthcare providers and insurance companies have an opportunity to revolutionize health management in meaningful new ways. From wearables that encourage users to take extra steps to mobile apps that share medical records, the future of healthcare is bright.”

There are hints of the traditional model staying put, however. The aspects of health care that millennials want to take care of in-person, according to the study, are the review of personal health data and the receipt of test results. Is this because of the possibility of receiving bad news, the security of information transmission, or merely an increased ability to ask follow-up questions?, Honing in on those motivations that drive millennials will be key to designing technology that streamlines the health care process without making it too impersonal. 

We look forward to seeing what the marketplace develops to solve the demands of millennials. At CNSI we are already hard at work creating apps and other products that will aid the process of making digital health care secure and efficient. In Michigan, we were able to implement an app and online portal that allows Medicaid patients to access their medical information remotely in a real-time environment. This first-of-its-kind technology will give the Michigan Medicaid population the resources needed to better manage their own health, which represents a huge stepping stone toward the type of solutions that the health care industry will demand in the next ten years.

Do you agree with the opinions of millennials voiced in the survey? Which aspects of health care do you want to take care of digitally? Which would you rather handle in-person?

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