Taking on Hunger: A Partnership Come Full Circle

May 29, 2018

Categories: Thought Leadership

In the ever-changing world of health IT, it could be easy to lose site of the challenges facing our own communities, like the ongoing issue of hungerand the growing problem of food insecurity. However, our employees have made it a priority to make time to help those less fortunate by giving back  in the communities in which we live and work.
This is why we are engaged in a multi- year, multi-faceted partnership with DC’s largest organization combating hunger, the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB). Over the course of one week, our employees were able to participate in and witness this partnership come full circle.
Kicking it all off, over 20 CNSI employees teamed up with our federal client from the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Workers’ Compensation Program for a day of volunteering at CAFB headquarters. The attendees participated in an eye-opening hunger simulation activity, in which each person is given a certain amount of money for grocery shopping. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the difficult (and often daily) choices made by those facing food insecurity. Next, the group gathered and sorted 9,200 pounds of food, which equates to roughly 8,200 meals for local families.
For most organizations, this is where the work ends. However, our employees took it to the next level the following week. The 9,200 pounds of food sorted were transported up to South Lake Elementary School for the monthly Family Market Day. These markets provide fresh produce and pantry items to 1,500 families with school-aged children. Each month, volunteers set-up the the event and assist families as they ‘shop’ for healthy food options. This month, they were were able to see firsthand how the work they did just a few days earlier had a direct and positive impact to those right in our own backyard.
CNSI is extremely proud of the work we do with CAFB–and all of our community partners. By working together–holistically and strategically–we improve and increase access to food, education, and health services. Thanks for the opportunity to #GiveBack!