NHIT Week: The Consumer is Still King

October 6, 2017

Categories: Thought Leadership


National Health IT Week is coming to a close. We’ve covered topics such as cyber security, interoperability, and what’s next on the horizon for the Office of the National Coordinator. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose sight of why we do all of this—the consumer. At the end of the day, we all #HeartHIT, because it improves the health and lives of our citizens. At the end of the day, it’s all about consumer engagement.

However, when it comes to consumer engagement, there’s bad news and there is good news. The bad is that more than 70 percent of consumers say their experience with providers and health plans hasn’t improved or has worsened in the past 24 months. Less than 21 percent reported an improved experience. The good news is that according to a recent study by Change Healthcare, investment in consumer engagement is a priority for 80 percent of payers and 72 percent of providers.

Already ahead of the game, CNSI’s consumer engagement app in Michigan, myHealthButton, offers patients secure, real-time access to medical information allowing them to better manage their own health. With a total of 16,398 active accounts out of a total 19,018 beneficiaries, the state is seeing an 86% engagement rate. Think of the power that holds for consumers, providers, and payers.

As we wrap up #NHIT, lets carry with us the inspiration and innovation that drives us all forward in an effort to improve consumer engagement.