CNSI Earns Top Score in NASPO Evaluation

Multi-state procurement evaluators award CNSI the highest weighted score for Medicaid claims processing and business services.

McLean, VA – March 16, 2021 – CNSI, a leader in developing and delivering innovative health information technology products and solutions, announced today that it received the top overall score in the 2020 NASPO ValuePoint™ multi-state evaluation of Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) Claims Processing and Management Services. CNSI had the highest composite proposal and demonstration scores, and the top overall weighted score. As a result of CNSI’s performance, states and territories can now procure CNSI’s solutions through NASPO ValuePoint, including Medicaid claims processing and provider enrollment solutions and related business and technology solutions and services, encompassing call centers, cloud hosting, financial management services, business operations, data analytics, and federal reporting.

“Our Lead State Model™, that is supported by a multi-state Sourcing Team, allows us to leverage the expertise and buying power of multiple states to deliver the highest standard of excellence in government procurement. As NASPO ValuePoint continues to make inroads into the world of Medicaid Management Information Services for the benefit of our member states, we’d like to recognize that CNSI has been added to the newest suite of ValuePoint Master Agreements in this complex and challenging area,” said Sarah Hilderbrand, COO at NASPO ValuePoint. “Our nationwide procurement solutions result in best value cooperative contracts that can be utilized by all states, cities, counties, special districts, community colleges, and universities.”

“We anticipate 90% of future state Medicaid modernization procurements will leverage NASPO ValuePoint’s cooperative contracting model, since the proposals, tiered pricing, and multi-state evaluations are completed and publicly available for any interested state,” said Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of CNSI. “This relieves a significant burden on a state’s Medicaid program and procurement staff and saves substantial time and money.”

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reviewed and approved the NASPO ValuePoint MMIS master agreements in this evaluation, since they are a significant funder of Medicaid technology modernization initiatives for states. CMS continues to emphasize the importance of modular and highly configurable technology solutions, which is at the core of CNSI’s evoBRIX X™ platform.

Stottlemyer added, “I’m extremely proud of the work CNSI has done to create a flexible and scalable modular platform that supports mission critical state Medicaid programs. CNSI’s configurable evoBRIX X platform allowed our state clients in 2020 to quickly use new COVID-19 testing codes and eligibility groups, getting critical funds to healthcare providers. We’re pleased to combine the validation of this NASPO ValuePoint award with our long history of results for individuals, families, providers, and the government agencies behind them.”


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About CNSI
CNSI is an industry leader in developing, implementing and operating cutting-edge technological solutions that modernize state Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS). We were the first in the nation to implement a web-centric MMIS and an integrated social services provider enrollment system. CNSI continues to address the many challenges that exist in the state Medicaid landscape, including the highly impactful opioid epidemic and the ever-evolving question of modularity. CNSI’s system is the only cloud-based, modular MMIS, enabling us to adapt deployed technology’s rules engines to an evolving regulatory environment faster than non-cloud-enabled competitors.

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