• Investors Take Notice of Health IT Potential

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    Technology use in health care is growing fast and investors are taking notice. Indeed, last quarter private equity investors funneled some $858 million into the health care IT sector, nearly twice as much as the same period last year, according to a recent MedCity News article. What’s more, mHealth companies accounted for $398 million of that, signifying a significant investment in what many see to be the future of health care.
    Enabling patients to interface and engage with their own health through mHealth offerings, like CNSI’s own myHealthButton, is imperative to delivering the best user experience possible. Health care IT platforms are building bridges between patients and care providers like never before. These innovations not only enable patients to make more informed decisions, but they afford doctors a greater capability to communicate with each other or with patients to determine the absolute best path forward.
    Perhaps foremost amongst these technologies are electronic health records (EHR) which improve not only the quality of patient care, but also convenience by enabling synchronous usage across medical offices. In fact, 88 percent of doctors report that their EHRs produce clinical benefits, according to Health IT.gov, which is run by the National Coordinator for Health IT. Further, EHRs help to save physicians time and overhead with 79 percent of doctors reporting their practices function more efficiently with EHRs in place. 
    EHRs are just one tool in an ever evolving world of health care solutions and with the health IT czar Karen DeSalvo recently calling for a more fluid health information exchange, we here at CNSI can’t help but be optimistic about the future role of health IT in producing the best outcomes for patients and doctors, and we are proud to play a part in that process. 
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