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    medicaid online managementThis past year, CNSI was (and still is) proud to announce the development of the first ever completely automated real-time and cloud enabled Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), referred to as Medicaid as a Service (MaaS).

    Besides the cutting-edge technology employed, what is perhaps the most unique aspect of this cloud-computing solution is that Michigan and Illinois have signed a partnership allowing both states to utilize this common platform. The result, dramatic cost savings while also providing opportunities for these states to share knowledge and resources. Further, these states are able to more efficiently implement federally mandated operating rules and compliance standards.

    The partnership, sealed last summer, is being called the Illinois Michigan Program Alliance for Core Technology (IMPACT) project. Under the agreement, Illinois will share use of the new cloud-based MMIS in Michigan that CNSI designed.

    Earlier this month, CNSI President and co-founder Adnan Ahmed authored an article for Bloomberg BNA’s Health IT Law and Industry Reports Insights column discussing this breakthrough platform and its implementation. In the article, titled “A Health Care First_ Cloud –Based Medicaid System Erases Geographic Boundaries,” Ahmed notes that “times are changing. The public officials in Michigan and Illinois who forged the IMPACT Cloud Enablement agreement, and are now prepared to roll it out, represent a new breed of forward-thinking men and women who understand the extraordinary extent to which technology can facilitate solutions to apparently intractable problems, provided we stop living and thinking in silos.”

    Read the entire article here_ http://about.bloomberglaw.com/practitioner-contributions/a-health-care-first-cloud-based-medicaid-system-erases-geographic-boundaries/

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